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Just Energy is a leading North American distributor of Electricity & Natural Gas. By switching to Just Energy, you get the service you want at the time you want. Whether you are looking for electricity, natural gas, renewable energy credits, or energy efficiency solutions — we got it all for you. We have been serving our customers for over 20 years in the US and Canada, and we are ready for you to become one of our satisfied customers.

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Helping to Reduce
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The majority of the energy we use when we perform daily work, social, and home activities come from sources that cause pollution. Just Energy can help you reduce your carbon footprint and achieve a sustainable lifestyle. From our processes and standards to the services offered, we look to create cleaner, more sustainable communities across North America.

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What Our Customers Think

"I received great service over the phone and no surprises after signing up. The products and program are simple and easy to understand. I would recommend Just Energy for their low administration fees, combined commodity billing and easy to read bills. I had a great experience and they were very easy to deal with."


"Everything that was said to me at the time of the sale is exactly what I got, no surprises. It’s nice to have my heat and power on the same bill. I’m also pleased with the consistent billing and price stability and recommend Just Energy for budget purposes. Customer service is prompt and professional."


"I just started and to be honest I like your company, I enjoy your services. So far anyone I have dealt with from your company has been on a very professional basis. You do what you can to reach out and make the customer happy, and I really appreciate that and there should be more companies like that."

Shannon B.

"Just Energy is the best energy provider in Edmonton, hands down! I like the green energy option. They were helpful with my concerns, informative and I enjoyed the experience."


"I would recommend Just Energy for their Friendly and hassle free service. My experience was better than expected – friendly and attentive, short hold times and good customer service."


"I just want to say I am so happy with Just Energy and I love your customer service and if all companies could have friendly staff like you guys, the world would be a much better place. Thank you!"

Kimberly S.

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