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Eco-Friendly Camping

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Word on the street is that it’s end of summer. The end of those long, lazy days and fun in the sun.  Sad, aren’t you?  Yeah, us too!  Turn that frown upside down and instead be a happy camper – literally! Grab your nearest and dearest, your tent and camping gear and let’s celebrate the great outdoors before the temperatures drop! Below, find our favorite eco-friendly, environmentally safe options for your next camping experience:

Tent: Lots of tents are made from materials such as PVC, which when produced, releases emissions that can cause health and environmental problems.  Further, once a tent is disposed of, the plastic pieces will sit for a lifetime in a landfill. Look for tents made from eco-friendly cotton, hemp and other recycled materials. Check out these tips for finding the best green tent or tipi for your next camping trip.

Sleeping Bag: Many sleeping bags use animal feathers to keep you toasty when the temperatures drop at night. Instead, leave the geese in their habitats and opt for a vegan, animal cruelty-free sleeping bag that uses synthetic insulation.  Check out these eco-friendly sleeping bag options that allow you to purchase based on temperature rating and weight.

Clothing: For all of the activities your camping trip will afford you, you want to make sure your clothing is comfortable, breathable, and offers enough protection from the elements, without doing damage to the Earth. When selecting your t-shirts, outer layers, socks, hiking boots and accessories, choose from these brands, which all source from recycled materials that don’t emit dangerous greenhouse gases or chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Cooking: After all that hiking and tent pitching, it’s time to sit around the campsite and enjoy a meal! Throwing together a fire might sound like the perfectly picturesque outdoor eating experience, but all those flames and smoke (not to mention the damage it would do if it got out of control!) serve to harm the environment. Instead, we recommend the EcoZoom stove, which burns efficiently, using only a few sticks to cook your entire meal.

Drinking: Whether you’re toting your hot coffee in the morning or your cold water in the heat of the afternoon, a refillable, eco-conscious thermos water bottle will keep you hydrated responsibly as you enjoy the great outdoors. Many of these containers are made from BPA-free and recycled materials that won’t break when dropped or open while sloshing around in your rucksack. Some will even fold up and fit in your pocket when empty!

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